Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Why erase History?

History is about actions, stones, bones, remains of once living humans, how they lived, who they were, kings buried and identified, others buried and forgotten.

History is the search for truth. Truth about ourselves, our ancestors. A brutal truth of violence, battle fields, slavery, survival. There were moments of peace, where people could trade their goods and live their lives, but these are rare moments in History.

We must be living in the rare moments in space-time of some peace and opportunity, although this reality is not the same for many people in the planet.

And yet, we are giving away all that because rotten elites, scholars and politicians say we must.

Without History and the truth about ourselves we can't be free or complete, we are the new slaves.

Only without History can Global Socialism get absolute power and the Global Elite knows it.

We still remember Stalin, but for some reason, even russians want to forget it.

Their reactions to questions about the Gulag are similar to CCP today.

And then, it can happen again...

Sunday, January 6, 2019

A completely different perspective of space travels

We are used to look at the Universe with the curious and ambicious eyes of human dominant culture, male and female.
A new planet discovery, a new constellation, a new phenomenon.
The universe is not a future conquered new world nor planets future habitats.

This is our natural habitat, humans adapted and molded nature to their own purposes.
Some cultures did it in a smart, clever dimension than others: aborigenes knew already that our conscioussness is more than greedy eyes, is a respecful way, listening and learning, they saw lines and complex maps where others only saw mining resources, machines and noisy invasion.

Our culture doesn't need robots in human form, needs humans with a new perspective of their habitat and the universe.

Space travels: we look at space ships launching in vertical towards the sky, shining noisy machines.
The goal has been the same for ages: to conquer and mold. Just like James Cameron' smart metaphor "Avatar". It's our human way of seeing and doing things. Colecting trophees, just like the ones we see hanged in a hunter room.
This is not just a male culture, it's a human atavic materialistic perspective. And somehow this perspective is our next obstacle to jump.

Science, technology, physics, engineering, algorithms, art, philosophy, will find new dimensions, we call them new platforms with new perspectives, much more interesting and effective, respectful of our habitat, our species, other species, and the universe.

Aborigenes are closer to this new understanding of lines moving through galaxies. They use sounds, they sing the lines along their travels to find the way.
Perhaps the lines of the universe will be shown to us as a complete silence, where we move as if we just stood and then appeared in another place without experiencing the movement.

Monday, September 24, 2018

The key and the tools

I love metaphors. I see metaphors in almost anything anywhere. Nature gives us beautiful metaphors, perfectly designed to our understanding.

Nature is richer than we can even imagine. We can learn how to understand its power and how to interact. We have the key and the tools.

This idea inspired me to my next step in my journey: share with my dear friends and followers what I've learned observing nature and people, and studying all the possibilities of life.

Ancient ayurveda sages, for instance, knew that we have the key and the tools to be healthy.
Chinese philosophers also knew it. 
Life is a learning journey.

"The key and the tools" will be on Youtube, Souncloud and Twitter.
I'm inviting you, dear friends and followers, to walk with me and find your own metaphors and all the possibilities you have to be healthy and take control of your life.

There will be practice and movement that are goimg to release you of fears, tensions, toxic emotions, doubts, conflicts, needs, dependencies.
And no, it won't mean talking about yourself. It will mean moving your body, finding how memories and emotions are kept in your muscles and bones :)

Remember, heal your body heal your mind. It's how it works.

Self help books defy us to heal our mind first, to change our behaviour first.
But our prison, our obstacles, our ghosts are in our body. That's where we must begin.

key words: body, healing, health, movement, metaphors, nature, practice, 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The value of things

I've tried to sell things that I can't take with me for the new house near father. In this process, I'm learning that the value of things is not based on reason :)

I have lots of books, some want to give, others I keep to sell.

Americans have an interesting way of selling their things, before moving to another place. They put their stuff in front of the house and neighbours go by.

I tried the internet, in a blog called "Objectos felizes" ("Happy objects"): 
Now I understand what's happening: most of my readers are american and my books are written in portuguese.
I'm beginning to realize that I'll have to carry my books with me :)

So, I decided to use the blog to talk about the value of things. 
Yes, I prefer to share with you what I really think about the monetary value that experts and ordinary people give to things.
As I said before, I consider that the amount agreed between the seller and the buyer, especially antiques and artistic things, is not based on reason. And sometimes it'is even completely crazy :)

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Crowdfunding is not for "donations" to "Foundations". Crowdfunding serves people's dreams, their needs, emergencies. It's an investment

I don't like the words "donate" and "Foundation". I prefer "invest" and "community", "center" or even "nucleus" :)

Every million-air, at a certain point in his life, feels the motivation to create a Foundation. O.K. What I don't understand is the part where he asks you to "donate" to his Foundation. Or worse, when he accepts government funding.

Crowdfunding is not for this purpose, I think. 
Crowdfunding serves people's dreams, their needs, emergencies. It's an investment, not a donation.

What's the big difference?

When you donate, there's no money tracking. You can't evaluate your contribution.

When you invest, you have a report of every cent spent, and you know what is the measure of your contribution. It implies transparency and fairness. You feel part that you are part of it. You are important to the project. You helped someone. You made a difference in someone's life. You made an investment in life itself. There's energy here, there's movement, there are real people.

And with luck, there are projects that are capable of you giving you more than what you invested, in money, energy, solidarity, friendship. You are part of a community.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

The Y Factor

The Y Factor
a tv series that adapts "Mad Men" to the 21st century

The main characters: all men, aged between thirty and sixty, rich, famous and powerful. We only identify their age by the profile because they have already done facial interventions, they don't have wrinkles or facial expressions.

The secondary characters: all women :)

The plot: Big techs and Big banks are planning to run the world. 

First season, 5 episodes:

Episode 1 - "Designing the Future": The main characters meet in one of their big buildings to design the future for all humans. They wish to get richer, if that's possible, and even more powerful. 

Episode 2 - "Forever Young and Beautiful": The main characters also wish to stop aging or getting sick. They think they are special and entitled to have it all.

Episode 3 - "The Sky is the Limit": The main characters plan to travel to Mars.

Episode 4 - "How Easy it is to Fascinate Politicians": The main characters manage to convince politicians and governments to implement AI, robots and UBI. That's the easy part, they are simple creatures who like to please the successful people because they link "rich" to "success".

Episode 5: "After the Humans, the Superheroes": The main characters are in control. Humans are irrelevant now, they're useless. They only count as consumers of the cheap stuff sold in large pavilions where every day is "black friday".

So, this first season is just a glimpse of the future designed by mad men .)
Let's decode their agenda and prevent the destruction of the possibility of humans to build a better future for all humans, other species and the planet.

This episode of "Mad Men" shows us how we, women, could do it  :) 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Politics is not a game or an adventure

Politics is not a game or an adventure. Leaders must protect their community and choose strategies wisely.

Generations tended daily to improve their lives and those of their families and communities. Politicians shouldn't destroy what people helped build.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

You can not be replicated, you can not be replaced.

Confirm humanity - I´m not a robot. Click.
Soon you'll be asked:
How can you prove you're not a robot? :)

But the most important question is:
What makes you human?

You are flesh and bones and thoughts and emotions and memories and expectations.
You live in the space-time dimension.

You know what is hunger and pain, comfort and joy. You feel.
First you experienced sensations, blurry images, light and darkness.
Then you began to distinguish faces, voices, objects.
Your life is an adventure with all the perils and all the possibilities.
Your fragility is your humanity.
And the awareness of your fragility is only yours.

Science and technology are trying to design you, control your genes. 
One thing is to avoid illnesses, quite another thing is to seek an idealized being.

You can be molded, manipulated, use implants, organ stimulation, artificial brain connections.
But you can not be replicated.
You can not be replaced.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Let's decode the propaganda for AI, robots and UBI

You may be led to think, reading many arguments on social media, that AI (artificial intelligence) will improve the lives of humans, that AI is harmless, that AI can be regulated, that algorithms decidind for us is a good thing, that everything will be alright, and yet... we know it will not. :)

That's why we see an insistent propaganda for AI and robots on social media. 
This propaganda is based on reports with scientific projections (probably built by algorithms).
Humans being replaced by robots, humans-humans interaction being replaced by humans-machines interaction, algorithms deciding for humans, chip implants, GPS, control.

That's why this insistent propaganda is related to the UBI (universal basic income). I bet the UBI was also built using algorithms. :)
UBI is not a generous offer, "free money just for being alive". "Robots take your jobs and that's a good thing, you can live without working, do whatever you wish, you don't have to earn it, it's free."

Let's decode this message and expose the culture that lies behind: It's not for a better future, it's only for profit. It's the same old megalomania of money and power.

First, define "free money". I have a good definition. 
Free money = tax evasion money, money from undeserved benefits, money given by governments to the big banks and big corporations that destroy economies, illegal business money, etc.
Just try to calculate the billions that have been stolen from ordinary citizens.

So, UBI is not free, on the contrary, it's the price you pay for being irrelevant. 
This is how the monetary economy works. It's not a transparent and fair game. 

And the argument "the inevitability of progress = you can't stop the future" is not acceptable either.
There are many possibilities for the future of humans. AI and robots replacing us in all tasks and deciding for us is not the best future for humans.

We, humans, should choose our own future.